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The best selling La Boxer Classica is now available in Grecian Blue, Marina, and White.

Lightweight cotton blend with a limited edition Comme Si ribbon. Available in unisex sizing.

Say it with Flowers

Our latest collection celebrates the unique creativity and beauty that stems from the Asian American experience. Proceeds from this collection will benefit our partners at the Asian American Arts Alliance.

Our take on the classic men’s trouser sock, translated for the modern woman.

A New Legacy for Luxury

We’re building a brand that feels good - to us, to you, our community, and the planet. For us, aspiration means investing in quality and living by your values. We stand behind craftsmanship, sustainable materials & ethical processes, and empowering the voices of women and BIPOC.

We design Comme Si to balance beauty, functionality and longevity. Every piece is made in Italy to have a place in your personal collection for years to come. And because good things shouldn’t come with negative consequences, we work with partners who align with our values.