The Great Indoors

A collection that captures the duality and unexpected possibility of the lives we lead inside.

Luxury socks Made in Italy

Experience the difference of 240 needle count, superior materials, and hand-finished comfort

Our popular loungewear style, now available in 100% Silk. Perfect for lounging, reading, sleeping.

New: The Sleep Sock

Sleep with your feet in the clouds. Extra fine cashmere and delicate silk come together in a soft and fluffy weave

A New Legacy for Luxury

We’re building a brand that feels good - to us, to you, our community, and the planet. For us, aspiration means investing in quality and living by your values. We stand behind craftsmanship, sustainable materials & ethical processes, and empowering the voices of women and BIPOC.

We design Comme Si to balance beauty, functionality and longevity. Every piece is made in Italy to have a place in your personal collection for years to come. And because good things shouldn’t come with negative consequences, we work with partners who align with our values.